Other Materials

Correx (4mm)

Light-weight with a corrugated centre
(aka fluted polypropylene)
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£32 per sqm*

High-quality full-colour print

Trimmed sides as standard

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Maximum size 2.44m × 1.22m (8ft × 4ft)


A popular use of Correx is for Estate Agency boards which are displayed outside of properties for sale, etc.

Please note, all Correx prints will be finished with a thin white border (approx. 5mm) around the edge. This is to prevent cracking of the print when trimming.


Foamex (3mm and 5mm)

A solid, strong yet light-weight material which is extremely versatile
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3mm £32 per sqm *
5mm £35 per sqm *

Digitally printed direct to substrate

Printed on either 3mm or 5mm rigid foamex

M1/B1 Fire-Rated

Trimmed sides as standard

Light-weight and easy to install

Flexible and durable, can be stuck, screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Lamination available upon request

Maximum size 3.05m x 2.05m (10ft x 6ft 8in) in one piece

As the maximum board size is 3.05m × 2.05m (10ft × 6ft 8in) multiple boards can be printed and easily placed side by side to increase the image area.


Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Also know as ‘sticky-back vinyl’
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£24 per sqm *

High-quality full-colour print

Trimmed edges as standard

Printed with either fade-proof UV-based or Eco-Solvent inks

Can be laminated for use in high-transit areas

Available in permanent and semi-permanent

Self-Adhesive Vinyl is exactly as you would expect – a printed vinyl which has a sticky back coating so that it can stick to a variety of surfaces.


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